Random Acts ok Kindness

So I have scheduled a few posts for the next couple weeks knowing that I am going to be hella crazy busy with assignments and projects and what not and I won’t have time to write. So I went through a few of the recent daily post topics to see what caught my eye and a few did, so I guess here’s me playing catch up for missing a load of posts and planning to miss loads of more. So much for my daily post challenge, but school must come first and blah blah… at least I will still have some posts scheduled and maybe once I get the big things done I’ll get back to my daily post challenge.

One of the topic suggestions that caught my eye was Random acts of kindness. And the thing that came to my mind is not a thing that I did, but something other people were doing. Last Friday when I was out and about with my boyfriend we ran into a group of teenagers holding home made signs that said “FREE HUGS”….. Now if you haven’t heard about it go onto you tube and type in free hugs and watch any of the tons of videos of people who did this. It is truly amazing, and I’m not kidding you, watching those videos brings tears to my eyes! (I’m a sucker) I just think it is so wonderful and heart warming that people actually go out into the world and give away hugs. Its just plain awesome, and you know what? I loved my free hug, it made my day!!! 😀


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