Farmer’s Market Anyone?

Today was an awesome day! Which was great because this week was just kinda crap. You ever have those kinda weeks? Ya. They suck. But today made up for it!

Dave and I went to the market in temple bar square which was super fun! They have an area set up where they sell used books as part of the market, and we started there. Just looking through all these awesome old books, it was great! I could spend hours and hours looking at books so I loved it. Then we walked around all of the other stalls, I just love the atmosphere at markets, its so funky and fun. And as a bonus it was a gorgeous day, with blue skies and sun, even though it was really cold, it was still beautiful. I brought my camera along so that  I could make the day into a picture field trip, and I must say I think I got some pretty pictures! And I definitely got some amazing gluten free corn bread, and a slice of almond orange cake which was delicious! We also got some fresh fruit and veg, always a must at a market 😀

After that we walked around town some, and stopped in a few book shops just to browse around. Dave was looking for something for his project which gave me a chance to just look. I love books, and book shops always make me so happy! There’s something about being surrounded by books that just makes me feel peaceful and content. Of course I found loads of books that I’d love to read, but I’ll have to wait for another day, because my pile at home is a bit ridiculous at the moment… I need to get through those first!

Anyway here are my pictures from the day! Let me know what you think, which one is your favorite?

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2 responses to “Farmer’s Market Anyone?

  • wherewander

    I particularly like the one with the lettuce in the basked, the way it is composed and the one with the musician and the dog, well, it was just adorable!!!
    what a nice place!!

  • Mom

    Well all the pictures are lovely – but I especially like the ones with my beautiful daughter in them! It sounds like a really nice day. Love You!

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