If you could eat anything right now what would it be?

This was a topic that struck my eye because I had been day dreaming about food just the other day. But you see, my day dreams about food aren’t the same as all you gluten-eating normal people out there, my day dreams of food include actually being able to eat all that gluten containing food that I miss so much.
My day dream went something like this:
If I could have one day where it wouldn’t make me sick to eat whatever I wanted what would I eat for that day…
Breakfast: DONUTS FROM THE DONUT HAUS in Estes Park. Those donuts are the best thing that has ever been baked in a bakery, I’m convinced. They are flakey and sweet and perfect and delicious.
Snack: (because if I can have a day to eat whatever I want no matter what then I am going to stuff myself for the entire day… bring on the carbs!) One of those huge long rolls of crispy french bread… mmmmmmmmm
Lunch: A pizza, but not just any pizza. One from either of my two FAVORITE pizza places back at home, neither of which has gluten free pizza. Bummer. I’d also throw in breadsticks with that.
Snack: Those really amazingly good sugar cookies from safeway the ones that are prepackaged with pink or blue or white frosting. My friends at school, my boyfriend, my family and I all refer to them as crack cookies because you really can’t just eat one; they are too addicting for that. You have to just sit down and eat the whole box if you are going to buy them.
Dinner: I would love to just walk into any restaurant anywhere and order the thing on the menu that looks awesome and not have to explain anything at all to the waiter and have it be all complicated and confusing. I’d love to just go, pick, order, and eat!!!!

Anyway, that was my daydream the other day…. Oh to be able to eat all those yummies again, but to be perfectly honest I do prefer to be able to get out of bed in the morning not feeling like crap and make it through the day without being in agony so really gluten and wheat is a small sacrifice for that….. And to prove it I made sugar cookies this afternoon, gluten free, soft, chewy and DELICIOUS! πŸ˜€


Best Road Trip Ever

I believe it was my sophomore year of college or maybe my junior year, three of my best friends and I decided to go on a road trip for spring break. We had a week off, and I went to school in Missouri and my hometown is in Colorado, so we all decided to drive to colorado for our break. It was a great trip, we loaded down my car with everybody’s stuff and crammed ourselves in too and took turns driving. We left on a Friday afternoon after everyone got done with their last class and we drove all night. Stopped in Kansas for some crappy pizza hut and ended up getting to Colorado in the wee hours of the morning.
My best story from that road trip was while we were driving across flat boring Kansas. We saw all these red lights that didn’t blink or anything, and it looked like an army of them. They started on the right side of the road, just ten or so on the horizon in the pitch dark, and then the lights multiplied, and as we got closer they ended up on either side of us, but we just couldn’t figure out what the heck they were. We spent at least an hour trying to debate what it probably was or could be, and our conclusion was Aliens invading, (I mean what else could it have been?)
We didn’t figure it out until we were on our way back to school at the end of the week driving through Kansas during the day time….. have you guessed yet???
It was a HUGE field of wind turbines, I guess we were wrong about the aliens. πŸ˜€

Random Acts ok Kindness

So I have scheduled a few posts for the next couple weeks knowing that I am going to be hella crazy busy with assignments and projects and what not and I won’t have time to write. So I went through a few of the recent daily post topics to see what caught my eye and a few did, so I guess here’s me playing catch up for missing a load of posts and planning to miss loads of more. So much for my daily post challenge, but school must come first and blah blah… at least I will still have some posts scheduled and maybe once I get the big things done I’ll get back to my daily post challenge.

One of the topic suggestions that caught my eye was Random acts of kindness. And the thing that came to my mind is not a thing that I did, but something other people were doing. Last Friday when I was out and about with my boyfriend we ran into a group of teenagers holding home made signs that said “FREE HUGS”….. Now if you haven’t heard about it go onto you tube and type in free hugs and watch any of the tons of videos of people who did this. It is truly amazing, and I’m not kidding you, watching those videos brings tears to my eyes! (I’m a sucker) I just think it is so wonderful and heart warming that people actually go out into the world and give away hugs. Its just plain awesome, and you know what? I loved my free hug, it made my day!!! πŸ˜€

111 In 2011

So I finished another book for fun last week, it was one of those quick read kinda teeny bopper books but it was good. I like to have books that are entertaining and quick to read, and this one did keep me guessing. I’d recommend it but only if you’re a fan of the young adult themed books, I definitely am and it was definitely a “feel good” book πŸ˜€

4. The Apothecary’s Daughter by Julie Klassen

Reading Week Already??

This semester has gone by so quickly… I am actually shocked that it is the beginning of March on Tuesday. And unfortunately that means assignments galore, and that my blog has to be put on the back burner for now (not that it hasn’t kinda been there for a few weeks already…) But I figured that tonight with a burst of energy and a wish to procrastinate I would schedule a few blogs for the next few weeks so that I wasn’t completely cut off…
I am glad that its finally reading week, because it will give me the much needed time to get some work done. No fun for me… I have two essays to write for the second week of march and at least two projects that need some attention for later in the semester. Blah, but it will be awesome to get stuff done. I love the feeling of having things done so you can sit back and relax. I dislike the feeling of having a million things to do in a short amount of time, which is how I’m feeling today. Thank god for reading weeks!
So without further procrastination, I guess I shall head to bed so I can be fresh as a daisy for tomorrow!!!

111 in 2011

3. Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language by Nora Ellen Groce

I read this book because it has been mentioned a few times in our classes, and it sounded really interesting. I really enjoyed it, and if anyone is interested in sign language and Deaf Culture this book is pretty awesome!
On to the next!

No Heat?

So I have been absent again the last few days… but this week has been crazy! At first I was kinda beating myself up for missing because I had this big scheme to post every day for the year, but sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, and that’s a good thing! So I’ve decided that if I miss posts here and there, I’m not going to worry about it, and I don’t always have grand ideas about what to write anyway so maybe this will help to make my posts more interesting if they are a little less frequent…

This week the heating has broken at college. Well, technically it broke sometime in the night last Thursday, and was noticed on Friday. Well unfortunately it still hasn’t been fixed, and rumor has it that it won’t be fixed until Friday or next Monday at the latest. So classes have been quite miserable because its hard to concentrate in the cold, and everyone gets crabby! We were told that classes today would be cancelled if they didn’t have the heating back on, but they decided to go ahead with them anyway. Apparently Trinity emailed the head of the school and said everyone just needed to wear more clothes… LAME!

So that’s the story. Dave and I had a lovely date yesterday for valentine’s day, because Monday he was working on stuff. It was fun! We went out to dinner and then tried to go to a play on campus, but it was sold out. So we ended up buying ice cream and watching a movie on my laptop, which was just as nice πŸ˜€

Anyway that’s all my news for now, Dave and I are rearranging the furniture tonight coz we got bored with it, so I guess I should go back to helping with that… Although its past my bedtime by now!


I love weekends!

So today was one of those relaxing but super productive days. I love days like that! I slept in this morning, and ran some errands after lunch. Then I got back and talked to mom on skype, and then I cleaned my entire apartment. And I’m not talking a little tidying up like I usually do. Nope. Today I ORGANIZED. I cleaned out all of the cupboards and rearranged them, and I rearranged and organized my desk and books which had gotten kinda crazy, and I organized my closet, and some shelves too! I even folded AND put away laundry! Man, I’m good. And the apartment is back to being tidy and lovely and quite nice if I do say so myself. The only thing not done are the dishes. I hate doing dishes, but I will probably go do them after I get done with this post……… probably.

I am also planning to make some gluten free sandwich wraps tonight. I found a pretty simple, awesome recipe that I’m going to try out… If it ends up being amazing, I will post a link to it on here, but I’m going to test them first and I’ll let you all know how it goes! Wish me luck! I’m looking forward to trying them tomorrow for lunch, I haven’t had a wrap in aaagggeesss!

Farmer’s Market Anyone?

Today was an awesome day! Which was great because this week was just kinda crap. You ever have those kinda weeks? Ya. They suck. But today made up for it!

Dave and I went to the market in temple bar square which was super fun! They have an area set up where they sell used books as part of the market, and we started there. Just looking through all these awesome old books, it was great! I could spend hours and hours looking at books so I loved it. Then we walked around all of the other stalls, I just love the atmosphere at markets, its so funky and fun. And as a bonus it was a gorgeous day, with blue skies and sun, even though it was really cold, it was still beautiful. I brought my camera along so thatΒ  I could make the day into a picture field trip, and I must say I think I got some pretty pictures! And I definitely got some amazing gluten free corn bread, and a slice of almond orange cake which was delicious! We also got some fresh fruit and veg, always a must at a market πŸ˜€

After that we walked around town some, and stopped in a few book shops just to browse around. Dave was looking for something for his project which gave me a chance to just look. I love books, and book shops always make me so happy! There’s something about being surrounded by books that just makes me feel peaceful and content. Of course I found loads of books that I’d love to read, but I’ll have to wait for another day, because my pile at home is a bit ridiculous at the moment… I need to get through those first!

Anyway here are my pictures from the day! Let me know what you think, which one is your favorite?

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Day off :)

So today I ended up with everything cancelled so I had a surprise day off, which is of course the best kind. This afternoon I decided to go on a walk around where I live. I ended up on some narrow streets with loads of shops, really close to the main street that I live on, but kinda out of the way at the same time. It was lovely, and I ended up at this awesome oriental market where I got groceries before I headed home. Sometimes it’s nice to just wander around…. πŸ™‚